About Glen

I've been building websites for over 14 years, designing and building in just about every language and CMS under the sun. I've also helped start a few things that have seen mainstream press.


In 2007 I built a tool called Blogfuse that created Facebook applications for blogs with the then newly-released Facebook API. Blogfuse was featured in TechCrunch, Mashable and elsewhere.

Later in 2007 I co-founded LifeRemix, a blog network for lifestyle bloggers. The tiny network is home to a couple New York Times bestselling authors, and some of the most popular blogs in the world.

In 2012 I co-created Gentlemint, a fun site for sharing "manly" content as a 12 hour hack day, and before long the site was featured on Mashable, CNN, WSJ, TIME and many other sites. Currently the site has tens of thousands of members and millions of people have visited the site.

Design & Development

I've used many different flavors of CMS, creating plenty of Wordpress and Drupal theme customizations over the years.

I've worked with popular sites with readerships in the millions like WiseBread, ZenHabits, Art of Manliness, Primal Palate, Live Your Legend and many others.

I've worked with large-scale media organizations like PBS, Yale Daily News, GolfWeek and others.

I've created iOS and Google Play apps for a university student newspaper.

You can see other examples of my work on my portfolio page.


In 2006 I started LifeDev, a blog about productivity. The blog grew quickly, thanks to mentions on much larger blogs and publications, and grew to over 13,000 subscribers.

I occassionally write for publications such as SmallBizTrends and American Express on the topic of entreprenuership.